Round up. Round-up. Roundup.

The more you write that word, the weirder it looks, but here’s a brief one about the mini-East Coast book tour I just got back from. Thursday night, I read in the In the Flesh Series in Manhattan, hosted by the lovely Rachel Kramer Bussel…
…who will be ending the series in December of this year, so if you’ve never been, you should hurry up and go, like these people who went last week: Next came Poets & Puppets II: the Resurrection at The Multifarious Array at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn. Here is a rare, behind the scenes shot of Poets & Puppets inventor Leigh Stein (left) rehearsing before the show: After that, it was onto Boston to read at Brookline Booksmith with Elisa Gabbert (front right) and Zoe Zolbrod, who was sitting on the other side of the audience, but who you can see here: Next up was the Cousins Reading Series in Providence, co-hosted by Darcie Dennigan and Bill Walsh, pictured here in the navy shirt and the shirt with the antelope on it: Also in this picture are a couple of my co-readers from that evening, Matt Jasper and Terrence Hawkins in the lower right. Last but not least, I read at Sandra Beasley’s place in DC as part of a fundraiser for the Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland: Normally when I get back from a tour, I can pick a “favorite” reading, or one that stood out in some way as being the best or the most unusual. But this tour was so great–everyone was so nice and all the audiences were so welcoming–that I can’t say which one was my fave. Thanks to everyone who hosted, everyone who read with me, and everyone who came out to listen!


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